Le'Host Light Hold Lockdown Wig Adhesive

Light Hold Wig Adhesive 5ml/0.17oz

Lockdown Light Hold Adhesive is a wig adhesive that provides a tight hold for lace wig units, ensuring a long-lasting and secure fit. The adhesive is specially formulated to provide a natural finish, allowing your lace to blend seamlessly with your skin for a realistic look.

Unlike its strong hold, the Lockdown Light Hold Adhesive can be easily removed with water, making it a convenient option for daily wear. This wig adhesive is perfect for those who prefer a mild hold that doesn't compromise on security or natural appearance. With its unique formula and ability to provide a long-lasting hold, the Lockdown Light Hold Adhesive is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and effective wig adhesive.

Removes with water and won't damage lace when wiped gently.